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Towards Reliable, Responsive and High Quality Weather and Climate Services in Malawi


Services provided

1. Aviation  9. Insurance
  • Aircraft takeoff information
  • aircraft landing information
  • Aircraft route forecast
  • Aerodrome Forecast
Insurance claim settlement
 2. Marine  10. Environment
 Mwera warnings over Lake Malawi  Climate change Information
 3. Agriculture  11. Fishing
  • Irrigation
  • Crop Protection
  • Crop Insurance
  • Crop Management
  • Early Warning System for food security
  • Climate Risk Management.
Weather information for fishing strategies  
 4. Water Resources  12. Road and Railway Transport
  • Dam design
  • Flood disaster:
  • Information on drought
  • monitoring, prediction, warning and management
Weather information for road or railway line usage.  
5. Energy 13. Sport and recreation
Information for utilization of:
  • Hydropower
  • Wind Energy
  • Solar energy
  • Forecasts for yachting marathon
  • Forecasts for soccer matches
6. Building and Construction Industry 14. Health
  • Road Construction
  • Building Construction
  • Installation of plant
  • Weather information for prediction of disease outbreaks and planning
  • Meteorological information for research
7. Retail 15. Disaster Preparedness
Weather information for marketing strategies
  • Tropical cyclone warnings
  • Mwera warnings
  • Flood forecasts
8. Legal 16. Banking
Evidence in courts for weather related cases Weather/climate forecasts for agricultural loans
  17. General public
  • Short range weather forecasts
  • Medium range weather forecasts
  • Seasonal forecasts
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