Seasonal forecast for 2018-2019:
Normal to above normal rainfall amounts over the north and most of northern parts of central Malawi while normal to below normal  rainfall amounts over the south and most of southern parts of central Malawi during the 2018/2019 rainfall season… Read more

Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining  
Department of Climate Change and  Meteorological Services
Towards Reliable, Responsive and High-Quality Weather and Climate Services in Malawi

Thursday 4 July 2019

A high-pressure area in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of Africa is expected to maintain cool and moist air into Malawi. Therefore, expect cold and cloudy conditions with rain showers over a few areas…Read more

AreaExpected  AM / PM Temperature (°C)
Shire Valley1829
Southern Highlands1024
Central Areas1223
Lakeshore Areas1728
Northern Areas1022
Winds: Generally southeasterly